Al-Sadd. Waleed. St. Catherine/Saint Marc, Montreal, 2011

Why Al-Sadd? I asked.

“I played handball for the same club.”

I had to look it up. Al-Sadd Club is a Qatari sport club, from Doha. It was established only in the 1960’s by four students who were good at football and didn’t want to join any other team, so they started their own. It was wonderful to meet Waleed who used to play handball for Al-Sadd handball team. These rare finds make this hunt much more interesting. From now on I’ll follow Al-Sadd and the Qatari league, I promise.


Bayern Munich. Mario and Samuel. Sherbrooke/Décarie, Montreal, 2011

Why Bayern? I asked, astounded.

“Because of Ribéry, he’s our favourite player.”

I was some 50m behind them when I notice two large number 7 walking away. The whole street was shiny red. I increased my walking speed thinking of the best way to approach them, to make sure they agree to be photographed. I can’t miss this opportunity, I thought. But suddenly they stopped and started getting into the car. I had to run and by the time I managed to catch up one already had his seatbelt fastened and the other was just getting in. Mario and Samuel, father and son, were very kind to step out and pose for me. They are locals but their love of Ribéry made them Bayern Munich fans. Whatever happened to sons rebelling against their fathers and supporting the rival team?

Bayern Munich. Mario and Samuel. Sherbrooke/Décarie, Montreal, 2011


Chelsea, Eric, St. Catherine/Guy, Montreal 2011

Why Chelsea? I asked.

“I don’t know, I just like Chelsea.”

Sometimes we simply don’t know why we favour a particular team over all the others. Especially if that team is Chelsea; I would imagine it can be hard to come up with a good reason, unless one was born around Stamford Bridge. This nice fellow Eric is from Toronto though, and only visiting Montreal. When we parted I looked behind me to check if there was Torres written on his back, and it was not.

Mexico, Omar

Mexico. Omar. Mont-Royal/St-Hubert, Montreal, 2011

Why Mexico? I asked.

“I am Mexican.”

I spotted the shirt coming my way but wasn’t initially sure whose jersey was it. The absence of any advertisement meant it was a national team jersey but from the distance I couldn’t  see the emblem well. It turned out to be the latest Mexican away shirt, simple and beautiful. When I asked Omar to spell his name for me, the routine I stick with just in case, he raised his left hand with a large ring on his middle finger which read Omar. That is as far as our exchange went since our families took off in the opposite directions down the street and we both had to run after them.


Željezničar. Hanna. Marcil/De Maisonneuve, Montreal 2011

Why Željo? I asked.

“Because you told me so dad!”

I can’t fit into this shirt anymore, but I doubt I’ll ever meet anyone else walking one of these in Montreal, so I asked my daughter if she would wear it, for the camera. She kindly agreed. Back in the old days when I lived in Sarajevo I could see Željezničar‘s stadium Grbavica from my room. Up there from the 15th floor window, every second Sunday and occasionally on European Wednesday’s game, I could watch fans overtaking the streets and walking to the gates. It is a quite a different view now, here in Montreal.

Hanna. Željezničar. Marcil/De Maisonneuve, Montreal, 2011


Manchester United. Corey. Saint-Denis/Émery, Montreal 2011

Why Man United? I asked.

“I studied in England and a local friend was a supporter so I got into it as well.”

Finally a day when I had time to purposely hit the streets in search for the people in their jerseys. It was a beautiful day, perfect for showing the colors of one’s favourite team. But they were nowhere to be found. More than two hours into my walk, as the frustration was building up, finally I met the first, and the only, footballist of the day. Corey is from San Diego and only visiting Montreal. While studying in England a friend worked on his footballing innocence and got him into the Manchester United colors. Can’t blame him really.

Brazil, Moreira

Moreira. Brasil. Monkland/Old Orchard, Montreal 2011

Why Brasil? I asked.

“My name is Moreira.”

When I spotted a Brazilian shirt coming down the street I briefly debated if I should include in this series the people wearing a national team shirt. But Mr. Moreira was too good looking to let him pass by. I stopped him as he walked by me with his family. Our brief conversation revealed that Mr. Moreira lives in Montreal “at the moment”.


Real Madrid. Kianoosh. De Maisonneuve/Old Orchard, Montreal 2011

Why Real? I asked.

“That’s my team, man, even before Zidane started playing there.”

I met Kianoosh just around the block after I left my house, a perfect scenario, before I got lost in the city. Just like Tania, the other Real Madrid footballista, he really wanted to show how confident he is about the club he supports. He held the index finger upright on every single photo I took of him, which cuts my editing time significantly. I am not sure Kianoosh, a born Montrealer, will be as confident at the end of the coming season but his natural optimism, and his favourite team’ shirt, suit him really well.


Bayern Munich. Mehdi. St. Catherine/Guy, Montreal 2011

Why Bayern? I asked, astounded.

“I’ve supported them since I was a child.”

Of course, as a child, one can easily and inexplicably fall in love with certain things, even with Bayern Munich, it seems. But, sometimes, there is a way out. This young fellow Mehdi, who came to Montreal from Algeria, shows how with maturity even one’s heart can become wiser. Nowadays, in his words, he is starting to like Liverpool more and more (before I mentioned anything about the Reds). I am hoping that one day I’ll meet him again but this time in Liverpool jersey.


Real Madrid. Tania. St. Catherine/Saint Marc, Montreal 2011

Why Real? I asked.


That was Tania’s simple answer as she turned her back to me and tapped the name on the jersey. Tania was great to meet, very enthusiastic about Ronaldo, and consequently Real Madrid, as well as about out two minutes long photo shoot. She was willing to show me some other jerseys in her possession. I suspected that she might pull out Ronaldo’s Manchester United shirt, so I passed. Tania is from Portugal, was natural in front of the camera and meeting her made me think that this project is not such a bad idea after all. For that, Tania deserves a second picture to be posted here.

Real Madrid. Tania. St. Catherine/Saint Marc, Montreal 2011


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