Spain, Claude

Spain. Claude. St. Catherine/St. Dominique, Montreal, 2012

Why Spain? I asked.

” I always pick Spain.”

Claude walked out of Metropolis just as I was passing by. He has no family history related to Spain. He told me he has friends there, but he also has friends in Italy, Germany and France. As he was saying this it looked as if the origins of his choice ‘to always pick Spain’ are mysterious even to him. I asked where he’s from and he said “I am Indian, from James Bay up North.” He’s been living in Montreal for 35 years. He asked me where from I came to Canada. After hearing my story he offered me his hand and simply said: “Welcome.” It was a magical moment. Government officials welcomed me to this country 14 years ago but, somehow, it’s only now that it feels right. Claude beat cancer a few years ago and I am so happy he did.