Why Real Madrid? I asked. “Because of Ronaldo. He is the best. I watched him on TV in Myanmar many times”, said a very shy Mohammad Alam, the cutest footballist ever. Mohammad Alam is a 10 year old Rohingya refugee. In the picture above he is waiting, with thousands other hungry kids for cooked food to be distributed at Tengkhali refugee camp near Cox’s Bazaar, in … Continue reading REAL MADRID, MOHAMMAD ALAM


Why Real? I asked. “I just like Ronaldo a lot.” Not the answer I was looking for. Matthew was not eager to be photographed and I was not eager to photograph yet another Galacticos fan. But facing my first rejection, and not ready for it, I worked a bit harder to convince him to participate. With his training jacket over the jersey Matthew reminded me … Continue reading REAL MADRID, MATTHEW


Why Real? I asked. “I like the shirt and the team.” Juan was waiting for a bus, all crouched on the bench within the bus-stop glass enclosure, when I approached him. He was very kind and stepped outside so I can take a picture. This is the first long sleeves shirt I encountered, which reminded me that soon the jerseys will be hidden under sweaters … Continue reading REAL MADRID, JUAN


Why Real? I asked. “That’s my team, man, even before Zidane started playing there.” I met Kianoosh just around the block after I left my house, a perfect scenario, before I got lost in the city. Just like Tania, the other Real Madrid footballista, he really wanted to show how confident he is about the club he supports. He held the index finger upright on every single photo I … Continue reading REAL MADRID, KIANOOSH


Why Real? I asked. “Ronaldo.” That was Tania’s simple answer as she turned her back to me and tapped the name on the jersey. Tania was great to meet, very enthusiastic about Ronaldo, and consequently Real Madrid, as well as about out two minutes long photo shoot. She was willing to show me some other jerseys in her possession. I suspected that she might pull out … Continue reading REAL MADRID, TANIA