Why Manchester City? I asked. “Mancini! Because of him.” Wait a second! Did he really say Mancini, Roberto Mancini? Will someone, please, stop this ferry – I’m afraid otherwise very smart and beautiful boy is not feeling well and he might need some assistance. I asked again, he said “because of Mancini” again. I know, Myanmar is just waking up from decades of isolation and can … Continue reading MANCHESTER CITY, NAING


Why Man City? I asked. “Džeko. And the team.” Amra was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia. As her parents moved around, working, she lived in Pakistan, Syria and currently is in Montreal. Along the way, she picked up languages, as easily as I picked-up injuries in my amateur football career. Amra is fluent in Bosnian, Arabic, English and French and she is only 15, a great … Continue reading MANCHESTER CITY, AMRA