Argentina. Yanick. Sherbrooke/Hampton, Montreal, 2014

Why Argentina? I asked.

“I have many friends that are from Argentina.”

I walked into a store and there was Yanick, working. He was kind enough to step outside so I can photograph him. Yanick is from Montreal but has a strong connection with South America, his girlfriend is from Peru. Along the way he befriended a few Argentinians and started following their national team. Our chat was brief since he had to go back to work and I needed to go and get some flowers.




Soe Phuket June 19, 2013

Soe. Milan. Phuket, Thailand, 2013

Why Milan?, I asked.

“I like it because of that striker. I forgot his name.”

No wonder he can’t remember the striker’s name. Last time I’ve been drinking what Soe is drinking on a hot and humid summer day I had serious difficulties recalling anything. Thai rice whiskey, although less than 30 degree strong is a dangerous thing. The myth, truthless as only a myth can be, says this drink contains opium and poison.

Or perhaps Soe just doesn’t care and wants me to go away so he and his friend Zoe (Argentina shirt, “because of Messi”) can continue loiter in the shade of a scrappy shop enjoying a little drink after another heavy day at work.

Far away from their homeland Myanmar, these gentlemen live hard lives of fishermen on Thailand’s island of Phuket, better known as a tourist’s heaven. I assume there is not much beside football and Thai whiskey that matter to them at this point. However, they both agreed to pose for a picture. Cheers!

Soe Zoe June 19, 2013

Fishermen in the shade.

Argentina, Anthony

Argentina. Anthony. De Maisonneuve/Guy, Montreal, 2012

Why Argentina? I asked.

“This shirt was a gift. Nothing to do with soccer.”

He told me I could have a minute of his time. Anthony, an Italian Canadian from Montreal, doesn’t follow soccer, or any sport. Which was curious since he looked to me as an athlete. He doesn’t have any interest in Italian, not even in Canadian sports. He told me: Why would I? Tell me a good reason why would I follow any sport? But my time was up and he walked away.

Argentina, Yasir

Argentina. Yasir. Claremont/Sherbrooke, Montreal, 2011

Why Argentina? I asked.

“My friend gave it to me as a gift.”

I was turning around a street corner occupied by a bank (it almost always is) when through the dark glass, inside, I saw an Argentinian shirt at the ATM machine. As I was waiting I thought how all the national team shirts I met so far are South American. But out came Yasir in his No. 10 Messi jersey. Yasir is from Pakistan and was presented with the Argentinian shirt from a friend who is from Morocco, talking to, and photographed by, a Bosnian guy, here in Canada. Canadian immigration officials shouldn’t be taking all the credit for this meeting of five continents since large responsibility lies in what’s known as Messi magic.