Olympique Lyonnais. Luc. Fort / St. Catherine, Montreal, 2013

Why Lyon?, I asked.

” I love the feel of the team. My family originates from that part of France.”

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and St. Catherine street was packed with people when out of the crowd emerged Luc. He appeared surprised and amused that someone would want to photograph him just because he wears a soccer jersey. Quite a few times during our short exchange he would look at his companion, laugh and say :” Très drôle.” It turns out Luc is a professional photographer, working mostly in fashion, commercial domain. After I snapped a few photos of him he asked me if I always “shoot with natural light” – an awkward moment when two photographers meet for the first time.

As we parted, Luc and his companion continued their stroll down the street and I could hear them chuckle: “Très drôle, très drôle.”