Why Chelsea? I asked. “I was 11. Man United won a title and the day after all my friends in school were Man United fans. I went home that day and told my father ‘I like Manchester United.’ My father looked at me and said ‘No, you like Chelsea!’” And Daniel does like Chelsea to this day. I would like to meet his father; Daniels’ … Continue reading CHELSEA, DANIEL


Why Man United? I asked. “I like Rooney.” I might not like Rooney but I understand how a kid growing up in the last decade would start supporting Man United, considering all the success the club has had. Kiernan plays hockey, and plays it well, but he also follows soccer. I would never swap my shirt with him but I would definitely trade my hair … Continue reading MANCHESTER UNITED, KIERNAN

Andrew. Tottenham. "It's my team and I like the shirt."


Why Spurs? I asked. “It’s my team and I like the shirt.” I found the answer a bit odd since once you like the club you must love the shirt regardless of how ugly, or beautiful, it could be. But there was no opportunity to talk about Andrew’s motives a bit further. He, just like the rest of this Chicago crew shows up every Saturday … Continue reading TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, ANDREW


Why Inter? I asked. “I lived in Milano when Ronaldo played for Inter and I started supporting the club.” Yes, the real Ronaldo (not that other guy) was a great player and I can see how one could become Internazionale fan in his days. Zain studies physics and coaches a hockey team for which my son plays. He proudly wears his Movember moustache. While the moustaches are temporary, this jersey has been … Continue reading INTERNAZIONALE, ZAIN