Why Man United? I asked. “I like Rooney.” I might not like Rooney but I understand how a kid growing up in the last decade would start supporting Man United, considering all the success the club has had. Kiernan plays hockey, and plays it well, but he also follows soccer. I would never swap my shirt with him but I would definitely trade my hair … Continue reading MANCHESTER UNITED, KIERNAN


Why Inter? I asked. “I lived in Milano when Ronaldo played for Inter and I started supporting the club.” Yes, the real Ronaldo (not that other guy) was a great player and I can see how one could become Internazionale fan in his days. Zain studies physics and coaches a hockey team for which my son plays. He proudly wears his Movember moustache. While the moustaches are temporary, this jersey has been … Continue reading INTERNAZIONALE, ZAIN


Why Juventus? I asked. “I played for an Italian team here in Chicago when I was younger.” So it could have been any other Italian team jersey. The guys get together every Saturday at 7h30, throughout the year, to play. This time it was a beautiful November morning but that’s going to change soon; they will keep coming though. I was there to watch, my torn … Continue reading JUVENTUS, TERRY