Why Fener? I asked. “I was born in Turkey and I’m a huge Fenerbahçe fan.” Doran was 4 when his family moved to Canada. He lives in Toronto but visits Montreal often (of course, I was thinking, it’s more fun here). He told me all of this while his friends, tough-looking but surely good at heart, were standing around and checking me out. Fenerbahçe might be … Continue reading FENERBAHÇE, DORAN


“Why Fener?” I asked. “I love the intensity man, love the intensity.” I spotted the shirt from the other side of the street so I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I ran across to meet Dave as he was enjoying what looked like a slush beverage with his friends. He was very excited to participate, in his Fenerbahçe shirt. I was as excited since I don’t recall seeing … Continue reading FENERBAHÇE, DAVE