Why Chelsea? I asked. “It’s my team ever since I was a kid.” For a few blocks we were overtaking each other at intersections, Nick on his skateboard and I on my bicycle. Finally, we were stopped by a red light and I asked him about his jersey. Nick was just visiting, for a weekend, from Toronto, and doesn’t have much time for soccer. Then … Continue reading CHELSEA, NICK


Why Chelsea? I asked. “My uncle lived in England in the 80’s and became a fan. So it’s in the family now.” Agonizingly long winter is finally over and the time has come for football/soccer fans to come out in their jerseys. So today I walked my dog, the camera in my bag, wearing my LFC shirt only. I was walking by a group of young … Continue reading CHELSEA & MONTREAL IMPACT, NICK


Why Chelsea? I asked. “I don’t know, I just like Chelsea.” Sometimes we simply don’t know why we favour a particular team over all the others. Especially if that team is Chelsea; I would imagine it can be hard to come up with a good reason, unless one was born around Stamford Bridge. This nice fellow Eric is from Toronto though, and only visiting Montreal. When … Continue reading CHELSEA, ERIC