Bayern Munich. Mohammed. De Maisonneuve/Guy, Montreal, 2012

Why Bayern Munich? I asked.

“I love Bayern.”

He was sitting on a bench with two friends, a cup of Tim Hortons’ coffee in his hand. It looked as if this is his daily routine but Mohammed came to Montreal, from Jordan, only two days ago. He will be studying engineering at the Concordia University. That Tim Hortons’ might have been his first ever, I thought. I remember my first and it tasted awful. One gets used to it though. He has never lived in Germany but he didn’t feel that his support for Bayern needs any justification, or obvious links I was inquiring about. He simply loves the club. Mohammed tells me how everyone in Jordan is crazy about football. Just like me and most of my friends, I thought.




Norwich City. Christian. Ft Washington Av/160 St, New York City, 2012

Why Norwich? I asked.

 “I come from over there.”

At the same event where I met Dan, I saw Christian as he was pulling a blue shirt over his jersey. He was kind enough to reverse the action so I can photograph him. He came to the New York City 6 years ago but his passion for the home team does not diminish with time. He told me how Holt is the heartbeat of his team. Yesterday, inevitably, as Norwich City was trashed by Fulham in the season opener, I was thinking of Christian. For those interested in stats, Holt ‘the heartbeat’ played 76min and managed to commit one foul.

Norwich City. Christian. Ft Washington Av/160 St, New York City, 2012


Milan. Dan. Ft Washington Av/160 St, New York City, 2012

Why Milan? I asked.

“It’s the best club in the world.”

This was a very brief encounter since we both had a job to do. I was in the Armory building, a beautiful Track & Field Center in NYC. In the sea of blue shirts it was easy to spot Dan who resisted much longer than others to put the blue shirt over his jersey. I had no chance to challenge his claim.




Monterrey Rayados. Miriam. St. Catherine/Mackay, Montreal, 2012

Why Rayados? I asked.

“That’s my home team.”

Only seconds into our conversation I learned that her favourite team, Rayados de Monterrey, won their league match in Mexico the day before. Miriam is a true fan. Back in Monterrey she goes to the stadium and gives her team a proper support. She recently came to Montreal with intention to stay for six months and study English and French. And I am glad she did.

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Argentina, Anthony

Argentina. Anthony. De Maisonneuve/Guy, Montreal, 2012

Why Argentina? I asked.

“This shirt was a gift. Nothing to do with soccer.”

He told me I could have a minute of his time. Anthony, an Italian Canadian from Montreal, doesn’t follow soccer, or any sport. Which was curious since he looked to me as an athlete. He doesn’t have any interest in Italian, not even in Canadian sports. He told me: Why would I? Tell me a good reason why would I follow any sport? But my time was up and he walked away.