Why PSG? I asked. “That’s my heart club. I come from Paris.” When I moved to Montreal 13 years ago one of the first people I met was my neighbour who came from Toulouse. After I had told him that I come from Sarajevo he started screaming “Safet Susic, Safet Susic!!!” and dribbling an imaginary ball. Only then I realized how big of a player … Continue reading PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, FABRICE


Why Atletico? I asked. “Because Falcao plays there.” David is Colombian. I met him as he was running home to watch Colombia-Urugway WC qualifier. He came to Montreal to study Art and Literature at Lassale college. He’s hoping to get into Concordia’s art program next year. We had a short rant about Real Madrid as he was unhappy that Real gets all the attention while … Continue reading ATLETICO MADRID, DAVID