Why Chelsea? I asked. “My uncle lived in England in the 80’s and became a fan. So it’s in the family now.” Agonizingly long winter is finally over and the time has come for football/soccer fans to come out in their jerseys. So today I walked my dog, the camera in my bag, wearing my LFC shirt only. I was walking by a group of young … Continue reading CHELSEA & MONTREAL IMPACT, NICK

Jamie. Montréal Impact. "It's Montréal man!"


Why Impact? I asked. “It’s Montreal, man!” The spring is back in town, even if temporarily. I took my first long walk today and spotted this young fellow in Montreal Impact, or Impact de Montréal, shirt. His car had a flat tire so he couldn’t run away. It is fitting for my first spring encounter to wear this shirt. Just two days ago the Impact … Continue reading MONTREAL IMPACT, JAMIE