Paris Saint-Germain. Seudu. Pierce/St. Catherine, Montreal, 2013

Why PSG? I asked.

“Why? That’s my team since 20 years ago. I love PSG.”

Today, my heart was broken. I met a guy in a Senegal national team jersey. All excited, I explained what I do and showed him the pictures on my phone. He said he would be glad to pose for me. But when I took my DSLR camera from the bag he pointed at it and said “With that, no, I don’t want you to take a picture of me.” Somehow, he felt threatened by the camera and walked away.

But then I met Seudu and my heart healed.  A long time Paris Saint-Germain fan, with Thiago Silva‘s name on his back, was enjoying a performance during a street fair when I approached him. He lives and works in Montreal but he came from Senegal, just like that other guy who had turned his back to me just a few hours earlier. Thanks Seudu, it was a pleasure to meet you.



Paris Saint-Germain. Olivier. St. Catherine/McGill College, Montreal, 2013

Why PSG? I asked.

“That’s my home team.”

Olivier came from Paris just a few days ago to spend some time with his cousin Nicolas, and his nephew Noah. I asked if he is considering staying in Montreal and he replied, with a grin, how Nicolas is trying to talk him into it. The family dress code is obvious and Noah looks awesome in his PSG shirt. I don’t take photographs of children for this blog but, after I took photos of both Nicolas and Olivier, Noah simply stepped away from them and made it clear he expected his photo taken. I could not resist, who could?

Paris Saint-Germain. Noah. St. Catherine/McGill College, Montreal, 2013

Paris Saint-Germain. Noah. St. Catherine/McGill College, Montreal, 2013


Paris Saint-Germain. Nicolas. St. Catherine/McGill College, Montreal, 2013

Why PSG? I asked.

“That’s where I come from.”

What a thrill to run into a group of people, on a busy Montreal street, all wearing Paris Saint-Germain shirts as if they are going to the game to Parc des Princes. Only Parc des Princes is a few thousand kilometers away. Nicolas came to live in Montreal in 1995 but has never lost his sentiments for his team and the game. His jersey is signed by Pauleta, he told me while pointing at the signature.

Here I was standing in front of him, his son Noah and his cousin Olivier (close-up of him in the the next post) who just came to visit from France. As I was taking photos of them (in my Liverpool jersey), on a busiest street in the city, I was aware of all the strange looks from the crowd. We are strange, I though, we deserve it.

Paris Saint-Germain. Nicolas, Noah & Olivier. St. Catherine/McGill, Montreal, 2013


Paris Saint-Germain. Fabrice. St. Catherine/Saint Marc, Montreal, 2012

Why PSG? I asked.

“That’s my heart club. I come from Paris.”

When I moved to Montreal 13 years ago one of the first people I met was my neighbour who came from Toulouse. After I had told him that I come from Sarajevo he started screaming “Safet Susic, Safet Susic!!!” and dribbling an imaginary ball. Only then I realized how big of a player ‘Pape’ was in France and the mark he left in Paris Saint-Germain. So much that in 2010 he was voted PSG’s best player of all time by French sport magazine France Football ‘s readers. Fabrice, just like my neighbour, came from France. He studies Fashion Marketing and he looks like he does. He loves another player whose roots are (partially) from Bosnia and Herzegovina and who’s just joined PSG, Zlatan Ibrahimović. ‘Ibra’ started the season well but I’m not sure he has what it takes to shadow Pape’s reputation among PSG fans.

Paris Saint-Germain. Fabrice. St. Catherine/Saint Marc, Montreal, 2012