Why PSG? I asked. “Why? That’s my team since 20 years ago. I love PSG.” Today, my heart was broken. I met a guy in a Senegal national team jersey. All excited, I explained what I do and showed him the pictures on my phone. He said he would be glad to pose for me. But when I took my DSLR camera from the bag … Continue reading PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, SEUDU


Why PSG? I asked. “That’s my home team.” Olivier came from Paris just a few days ago to spend some time with his cousin Nicolas, and his nephew Noah. I asked if he is considering staying in Montreal and he replied, with a grin, how Nicolas is trying to talk him into it. The family dress code is obvious and Noah looks awesome in his PSG shirt. … Continue reading PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, OLIVIER and NOAH


Why PSG? I asked. “That’s where I come from.” What a thrill to run into a group of people, on a busy Montreal street, all wearing Paris Saint-Germain shirts as if they are going to the game to Parc des Princes. Only Parc des Princes is a few thousand kilometers away. Nicolas came to live in Montreal in 1995 but has never lost his sentiments for … Continue reading PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, NICOLAS


Why PSG? I asked. “That’s my heart club. I come from Paris.” When I moved to Montreal 13 years ago one of the first people I met was my neighbour who came from Toulouse. After I had told him that I come from Sarajevo he started screaming “Safet Susic, Safet Susic!!!” and dribbling an imaginary ball. Only then I realized how big of a player … Continue reading PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, FABRICE