Why Milan? I asked. “I like Milan and Barcelona. Because of Ronaldinho.” Zack was rushing down the street in a company of a young woman when I approached him. Even though in a rush, he was kind to stop for a picture. Ho got his shirt on sale, he said. He is from Montreal and currently studies at the Université de Montréal. And now that … Continue reading MILAN, ZACK


Why Milan? I asked. “Because I’ve got this shirt at the lucky draw organized by our church before we played football.” At about the same time as Baptist missionaries started harvesting souls in the northern Kachin state, a journalist George Scott introduced the game of football to what was sometimes known as “the Scottish colony”, the great country of Burma. Besides being a reporter for … Continue reading AC MILAN, BRANG SENGLI


Why Milan?, I asked. “I like it because of that striker. I forgot his name.” No wonder he can’t remember the striker’s name. Last time I’ve been drinking what Soe is drinking on a hot and humid summer day I had serious difficulties recalling anything. Thai rice whiskey, although less than 30 degree strong is a dangerous thing. The myth, truthless as only a myth can be, says … Continue reading MILAN, SOE