Why Bayern Munich? I asked. “I love Bayern.” He was sitting on a bench with two friends, a cup of Tim Hortons’ coffee in his hand. It looked as if this is his daily routine but Mohammed came to Montreal, from Jordan, only two days ago. He will be studying engineering at the Concordia University. That Tim Hortons’ might have been his first ever, I thought. … Continue reading BAYERN MUNICH, MOHAMMED


Why Bayern? I asked, astounded. “Because of Ribéry, he’s our favourite player.” I was some 50m behind them when I notice two large number 7 walking away. The whole street was shiny red. I increased my walking speed thinking of the best way to approach them, to make sure they agree to be photographed. I can’t miss this opportunity, I thought. But suddenly they stopped … Continue reading BAYER MUNICH, MARIO and SAMUEL


Why Bayern? I asked, astounded. “I’ve supported them since I was a child.” Of course, as a child, one can easily and inexplicably fall in love with certain things, even with Bayern Munich, it seems. But, sometimes, there is a way out. This young fellow Mehdi, who came to Montreal from Algeria, shows how with maturity even one’s heart can become wiser. Nowadays, in his words, … Continue reading BAYERN MUNICH, MEHDI