Terry. Juventus. "I played for an Italian team here in Chicago when I was younger."

Juventus, Terry. Ridge/Clarke, Chicago, 2011

Why Juventus? I asked.

“I played for an Italian team here in Chicago when I was younger.”

So it could have been any other Italian team jersey. The guys get together every Saturday at 7h30, throughout the year, to play. This time it was a beautiful November morning but that’s going to change soon; they will keep coming though. I was there to watch, my torn ACLs, in both knees, kept me away from joining them. All I could do is kick the ball back to them when it gets out of play.

Chicago, November 2011



Juventus. Elie. Mackay/De Maisonneuve, Montreal, 2011

Why Juventus? I asked.

“That was the very first club I watched as a child and I fell in love with it.”

Elie could consider himself lucky, the first team he watched could have been Lazio. I was wondering where are the Italians. It’s been more than a month I’ve been doing this and I haven’t seen a single Italian shirt. Then Elie showed up. My first ‘Italian’ is actually from Lebanon. From distance I couldn’t be sure if it was Juventus or Udinese shirt coming my way. I admit there is something seductive about stripes, perhaps it reminds me of my childhood when many more of this type of jerseys were used. This is a very nice shirt, except for the sponsor’s logo, but they are always ugly anyway.