Liverpool. Aleksandar. Morin-Heights, Quebec, 2014.

Why Liverpool? I asked.

“You know why. Just write it down.”

I do know why: for the same reasons as this guySasha and I have been best friends for thirty years and we discussed football related matters about million times, so I know. He writes for living; about his literary genius you can read all over the internet. Better yet, just pick up one of his books. The latest one, The Making of Zombie Wars, is coming out in May this year and it truly is a roller-coaster ride of sex and violence. He can’t help himself so Sasha often writes about soccer/football too. He’s been quoted at the top of this page, a fine achievement I think.

We both love to play the game, not just talk about it, and were involved in many matches together, be it in Sarajevo, in Montreal or in Chicago, sometimes as teammates and sometimes on the opposite sides. The only argument we ever had was during one of those matches (we were teammates in that one). But then I tore both of my ACLs and retired from the game. Sasha still plays every week year-round, regardless of the weather, in a Chicago park.

Chicago, November 2011

Chicago, November 2011



Andrew. Tottenham. "It's my team and I like the shirt."

Tottenham. Andrew. Ridge/Clarke, Chicago, 2011

Why Spurs? I asked.

“It’s my team and I like the shirt.”

I found the answer a bit odd since once you like the club you must love the shirt regardless of how ugly, or beautiful, it could be. But there was no opportunity to talk about Andrew’s motives a bit further. He, just like the rest of this Chicago crew shows up every Saturday morning at 7h30, throughout the year, to play. Respect! And he is my first Tottenham fan. I have to admit though, watching them play from afar, I thought the guy was running around the left wing in a Lazio shirt.


Terry. Juventus. "I played for an Italian team here in Chicago when I was younger."

Juventus, Terry. Ridge/Clarke, Chicago, 2011

Why Juventus? I asked.

“I played for an Italian team here in Chicago when I was younger.”

So it could have been any other Italian team jersey. The guys get together every Saturday at 7h30, throughout the year, to play. This time it was a beautiful November morning but that’s going to change soon; they will keep coming though. I was there to watch, my torn ACLs, in both knees, kept me away from joining them. All I could do is kick the ball back to them when it gets out of play.

Chicago, November 2011