Chelsea. Jason. Monkland/Old Orchard, Montreal, 2011

Why Chelsea? I asked.

“Back in school days, my French teacher was a Chelsea fan, and somehow I got into supporting them as well.”

This Sunday I walked into a local pub to watch Chelsea-Liverpool. There was already a group of guys with the same idea, some in LFC and some in Chelsea shirts. It was a particular pleasure, at halftime, after Maxi gave Liverpool a lead, to get out for a smoke with a Chelsea fan. Jason’s started Chelsea supporter’s club here in Montreal and goes to watch a game at Stamford Bridge twice a year. He was born in Montreal but his parents come from elsewhere. His mother is from Croatia and Jason described his father’s roots as ‘Irish/English’. And just as it happens often, Liverpool beat Chelsea, and David Luiz, Jason’s favourite player, didn’t really have a great match.

Chelsea. Jason. Monkland/Old Orchard, Montreal, 2011.


2 Comments on “CHELSEA, JASON”

  1. Brilliant! But what about Chelsea Daniel 😉

  2. […] I am after. He comes to Montreal from Sweden, to study. He quickly found other Chelsea fans (see Jason) and watches the games with them. Daniel calls Montreal his temporary home but you never know with […]

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