Chelsea. Jason. Monkland/Old Orchard, Montreal, 2011

Why Chelsea? I asked.

“Back in school days, my French teacher was a Chelsea fan, and somehow I got into supporting them as well.”

This Sunday I walked into a local pub to watch Chelsea-Liverpool. There was already a group of guys with the same idea, some in LFC and some in Chelsea shirts. It was a particular pleasure, at halftime, after Maxi gave Liverpool a lead, to get out for a smoke with a Chelsea fan. Jason’s started Chelsea supporter’s club here in Montreal and goes to watch a game at Stamford Bridge twice a year. He was born in Montreal but his parents come from elsewhere. His mother is from Croatia and Jason described his father’s roots as ‘Irish/English’. And just as it happens often, Liverpool beat Chelsea, and David Luiz, Jason’s favourite player, didn’t really have a great match.

Chelsea. Jason. Monkland/Old Orchard, Montreal, 2011.

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