Liverpool. Joshua. Mackay/St. Catherine, Montreal, 2011

Why Liverpool? I asked.

“For love man, for love… McManaman, Fowler, Steve G, I grew up watching them play.”

Josh came to Montreal to study photography. Even though from London, England, where he could easily fall for one of many, big and small, clubs, he fell in love with The Reds from Liverpool. And how could you not love Fowler (though rumours are there are some who don’t), the footballer who must be credited with the most original and controversial goal celebration ever? Joshua, in his university classes, secretly on his laptop, watches the game if Liverpool is playing. Who can blame him, it’s not his fault that Montreal is some 5hr behind Greenwich. A+.


13 thoughts on “LIVERPOOL, JOSHUA

  1. Very cool. I love the concept and stories on this site. You guys should check out the company or It’s a new soccer-centric brand based in the US. Think you will like what they are doing. 🙂 futbol really is the universal language.

  2. – I think you’ll like this brazilian version of Footballists. Loving you blog I created mine, inspired in yours. The late story, about the Everton supporter, Ih really thing you’ll like, is amazing.

    Thank you! I’m your biggest fan!

    Felipe noronha, from Santos, Brasil.

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