Manchester United. Dario. Sherbrooke/Regent, Montreal, 2012

Why United? I asked.

“I started supporting Manchester United because of Rooney, but now I realize every Manchester United player is as important as him, and the manager is outstanding.”

Dario, even if only 15, takes football seriously. After a short conversation I knew he is a fan for life. He was born in Zagreb, Croatia but is growing up in Brossard, near Montreal. There, he also plays soccer in a Brossard junior team, AA level. All these kids falling for Man United lately, but who can blame them considering the success the club’s had in the last couple of decades. Dario’s father, who is a doctor of chemical engineering and mostly does what doctors of chemicals engineering do (teaching and research), doesn’t follow football as much but follows on his son’s interests. He was kind enough to join Dario for a picture.

Manchester United. Saša & Dario. Sherbrooke/Regent, Montreal, 2012


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