Germany, Gunnar

Germany. Gunnar. St. Catherine/Guy, Montreal, 2012

Why Germany? I asked.

“I am German.”

This was an arranged meeting since I first met Gunnar when he was living here as an exchange student in 2008. Back then he was in Photography program at Concordia University but now is back in Munich and works in IT industry. Now he’s just visiting Montreal and we met for a drink. He is very proud, not only of the German football team in the last few years (and they are really good), but of Germany as a whole. It is not always easy, Gunnar says, to wear this shirt when not in Germany, though that’s changing too. Earlier in June I was in transit through Düsseldorf the day Germany played Denmark at the Euro. After the most memorable breakfast that early Sunday morning (see picture below) the young Germans started to fill the streets wearing their national team jerseys. I couldn’t stay to witness their joy after the win because it was time to go back to the airport and catch a flight out of the country.

Breakfast in Düsseldorf. June 2012.

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