Atletico Madrid. David. Mackay/St. Catherine, Montreal, 2012

Why Atletico? I asked.

“Because Falcao plays there.”

David is Colombian. I met him as he was running home to watch Colombia-Urugway WC qualifier. He came to Montreal to study Art and Literature at Lassale college. He’s hoping to get into Concordia’s art program next year. We had a short rant about Real Madrid as he was unhappy that Real gets all the attention while ‘not many people know about Atletico.’ But Atletico is doing just fine, winning 2012 Europa Super cup just a few weeks ago. It was very entertaining to watch as they demolished Chelsea, while Radamel Falcao García Zárate, simply know as Falcao, scored 3 goals.

Atletico Madrid. David. Mackay/St. Catherine, Montreal, 2012




  1. I think honestly that Atletico Madrid cans win the Champions League this year.
    In spite of Falcao’s transfer to Monaco, Atletico didn’t lose one’s appetite of victory.
    With an experienced goalkeeper like Thibaut Courtois and a good striker like Diego Costa, it cans aim at the Champions league and maybe the championship of Spain.
    So, I think that it’s the team to beat this year.

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