Brazil, Alex

Brazil. Alex. Palais des congrès, Montreal, 2013

Why Brazil? I asked.

“I bought it on e-bay. You see, it’s half black and half white, anti-racism jersey.”

I met Alex at the Mondial de la bière where he was working. I have a soft spot for people going to work in a soccer shirt. And this is not your ordinary jersey but a special Anti-Racism edition. Alex bought the one with Pelé’s name on the back. He has one with Maradona’s as well. He doesn’t follow soccer much but he ‘likes sports in general’. He told me: ‘If you want to have two soccer jerseys, what’s better than to have Pelé and Maradona.’ He does modelling and he is also an artist. As he was showing me some of his images on his phone he made an interesting observation: ‘I have these weird ideas, so I photograph them, it’s much easier than writing about them.’ His favourite colour is pink.

If I only new, back in October when I met Pelé, that I will meet Alex, I would get something signed for him.

With Pelé and some friends, New York City, 2012

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