Paris Saint-Germain. Seudu. Pierce/St. Catherine, Montreal, 2013

Why PSG? I asked.

“Why? That’s my team since 20 years ago. I love PSG.”

Today, my heart was broken. I met a guy in a Senegal national team jersey. All excited, I explained what I do and showed him the pictures on my phone. He said he would be glad to pose for me. But when I took my DSLR camera from the bag he pointed at it and said “With that, no, I don’t want you to take a picture of me.” Somehow, he felt threatened by the camera and walked away.

But then I met Seudu and my heart healed.  A long time Paris Saint-Germain fan, with Thiago Silva‘s name on his back, was enjoying a performance during a street fair when I approached him. He lives and works in Montreal but he came from Senegal, just like that other guy who had turned his back to me just a few hours earlier. Thanks Seudu, it was a pleasure to meet you.



  1. I wore my Senegal El-Hadji Diouf jersey just a few days ago; a local store manager stopped me and we chatted about French football (he is Algerian). Few things give me greater thrills than meeting a fellow fan and knowing there is common ground between us.

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