Manchester CIty. Rob. St. Catherine/Crescent, Montreal, 2015

Why City? I asked.

“I was visiting England in 2005. I liked Rooney a lot and liked United. But, while I was in Manchester, it was City that played the season home opener (vs. West Bromwich) and I went to see the game. It was a terrible one, scoreless. But, I came back home Manchester City fan.”

I don’t go to Starbucks often but I spotted the shirt inside and decided to walk in. Born in Canada, in Ottawa, to English parents, Rob is a life-long soccer fan. He lived in Montreal for a number of years but not anymore. Currently he lives and works as transport engineer in Abu Dhabi. After I got back home I looked up the City team (finished the season at 15th place) that played in that game vs. West Bromwich (relegated): Vassell, Sinclair, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Barton, Claudio Reyna, Danny Mills, Sibierski, Musampa, Andrew Cole, David Sommeil, Ben Thatcher, etc… Well, it must have been a great atmosphere at the stadium to win Rob’s heart because I doubt this City team could do it.


5 thoughts on “MANCHESTER CITY, ROB

  1. That list of players is an epic one; I’m sure all City fans recall the profligate genius of Darius Vassell amidst the violent beauty of Mills & Thatcher. Well, they were violent at least. We’ve come a long way in 10 years! Great entry, and great job with the site! Interesting to say the least that City is the first post up since the Raheem Sterling brouhaha. Or perhaps Aston Villa would have been more appropriate? ; )

  2. City fan myself and this happens to be the first post I’ve come across on WordPress. Coincidence? Will be posting about city/football in general in the future and would appreciate any followers.

  3. while my husband has played and followed football as long as he could remember, he is a giant fan of Tottenham Hotspurs, the only team he wouldnt watch is Arsenal. although he also knows a lot about them as well. I do not argue with him or tell him he is wrong as there is not a lot he doesnt know about the game.

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