My name is Velibor Božović. I love football (soccer) and photography. This site merges the two.

For all the other stuff please visit my website.

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  1. Very cool “project”. I wear my kit regularly around town(s) and am always intrigued by others backgrounds, esp in the U.S. where team uniforms are sometimes worn more for fashion than actual interest.
    I’d be honored for Blackburn Rovers to grace your blog someday.

    Good luck!

  2. Very cool site! Here in the southern USA – New Orleans – it is rare to meet others with the same footballing passion (and jersey-wearing habits!); your blog goes a good way to showing that the sport truly can, and does, unite us all. Well done.

    It is fantastic that my Manchester City appears here … a good harbinger of what is to come for us, I hope.

  3. I love this blog. I also live in a city and love complementing shirts, striking up conversations, etc. My city is highly international and tourist filled, so I see a lot of everything. Last weekend I struck up a conversation with a guy in a Croatia shirt, and he was impressed I even know what it was as it was older and had no name, no country, no givaways on it but the solid blue and the red and white checks.
    I’ve met a lot of tourists this way too, asking them where their shirts from because I don’t recognize it and ultimately learning about a smaller club in scotland or northern ireland or who-knows-where. I love it. I will definitely love reading your blog from now on! Best of luck!

  4. What a great project! I love wearing my Inter shirt and will never forget walking drunkenly around the streets of DC in black/blue and being hugged by a random similarly attired stranger. It was May 15 2010 and we had just won the treble.

  5. A humane, cool and curious blog. I came across it via The Guardian’s (UK) football pages. Appreciated.

    Charles, Nottingham

  6. Very nice. There are three things that i really like about your blog:
    1. You are a Liverpool FC fan;
    2. The Blog is about us football fans as opposed to say something that is about football stars;
    3. The photographs are really good quality. You must be a professional photographer!

    Keep it up man! And heres to hoping for a Champs League spot next season! Cheers!

  7. Brilliant idea mate! It’s a fantastic venture.
    It’s amazing how aptly that intro at the top describes me. I too notice others who wear a Footie jersey in a crowd and I too am an LFC supporter. Just that I don’t approach them and take their pics 🙂

    Keep up the good work man. Love it!

  8. A fun and creative concept, Veba, combining your love of 2 in your love for blogging! Have a great year coming!

  9. I love the idea behind this blog… Living in the US where it’s 10x more common to see any other sports jersey on the street, I am often compelled to approach the few that I see in a football one. Since I’m often too shy to do so, I’ll live vicariously through your stories. Very creative idea.

    – Jill, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United fan

  10. This is amazing, what a wonderful idea Veba, keep it up! Euro 2012 would be an amazing time for you!

    I’ve subscribed to you, can’t wait for more!

    – Toby, Manchester United Fan.

  11. Great blog. Great posts. Great concept! Loved how you came up with this concept, this project 365 of taking shots of people wearing their fave team’s kits and asking them why they did.
    In the Philippines, football’s just a blooming sport and not all people knew that we already have a national team, the Azkals. So when I always think of wearing my kit, I always have these second thoughts.. It’s like when I wear my kit, I’ll be too eye catching.
    Now, it just came to me, seeing your posts, how proud the ones dressed in their kits are.
    So, I think.. Maybe, I should be, too!
    Kudos on you! 🙂

  12. How come you have not pumped into a Gunner! The few pictures and stories I have ready are from the Reds, the Blues and the Red Devils in the EPL. The mighty Arsenal is missing in action man. You can’t talk about football and leave out the Gunners, unless of course you are talking about rugby or other football clubs that play boring football. Come and interview me and check out how RVP is smashing records…Just FYI you must have heard the one and the only Thierry Henry is back in action for us, that is really bad news for many defenders! Thanks anyway for such a forum…Keep walking n never walk alone!!!!

  13. damn good blog man! 😀 i love football especially BPL, and your photos just tell everything that people didn’t usually know about football… simple but classy! 😀

    regards from manchester city fan 😀

  14. Hi,

    I came across your blog via Twitter. Love the concept and the story written with each photo. Maybe one day I will setup something similar here in Holland, as you inspired me. Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Holland

  15. I really enjoyed looking through this! I love reading the stories. I’m a Canadian as well, but I’ve lived and traveled all over the country. I know I’ve got a few stories, but I always love hearing other folks’ tales of where they’ve been.

    I also have to agree with a previous commenter when they pointed out that this blog focuses on fans rather than players. That’s great! I love the spirit.

  16. Thank you all for the kind words… As you can see the blog is in hibernation, as the winter closed on Montreal. But that all changes tomorrow… a new post coming. Thanks again and spread the word!

  17. Hi! I purposefully searched a site like this all because I am a soccer mom. This looks great! My son loves, adores the sport. I have never seen him so engaged. The first time I watched him play, he was oblivious to the world, even to me! I’ve made it my mission to support him on this starting with knowing more about the sport than I actually do. I think this blog will help me. Allow me to explore, thanks!

  18. im following your site, and just joined your blog, you must keep doing this, it is so interesting to see people wearing their favorite soccer jerseys, and explaining why, and where they are from, i would love to see this blog grow more, would love to see if you could visit different cities in north america, and interview people across the board, cause as i can tell it doesnt matter where you are from what ethnicity or age you are, everyone seems to have their own reasons/stories.
    football has crossed all borders that were never there to begin with and to me personally it is a competitive sport like all sports, and the fans are passionate about their clubs, but i also feel that its a very communal/universal sport…sorry im just ramblin’ on, keep up the good work Sir.

  19. Hey – big fan of the site, and vacationing from Minneapolis. After your post a few days about an Arsenal fan turning down your request, I thought I would make sure I was wearing my red and whites in the rare possibility we ran into someone taking photos of footie jerseys. In Montreal for the day (Tuesday, 21st). Here’s hoping!


      1. Dang. Tough to coordinate. We spent a lot of our time in Old Montreal. I could throw over a pic of us out if you’d like. Good times – and keep the great pics coming!

  20. I’m glad I decided to look at other types of blogs today (I usually look at blogs of people who draw or paint).You have such an awesome blog! Cool photos with content that never gets dull.

  21. I like your activity dude….. 😀 When you love football, you merge it with yours other hobby… i think that is great idea… did you ever went to indonesia…. ? the country have a lot of club football fans

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