Chelsea & Montreal Impact. Nick. Sherbrooke/Melrose, Montreal, 2013
Chelsea & Montreal Impact. Nick. Sherbrooke/Melrose, Montreal, 2013

Why Chelsea? I asked.

“My uncle lived in England in the 80’s and became a fan. So it’s in the family now.”

Agonizingly long winter is finally over and the time has come for football/soccer fans to come out in their jerseys. So today I walked my dog, the camera in my bag, wearing my LFC shirt only. I was walking by a group of young man when one of them, wearing Impact shirt, gestured ‘thumbs down’ towards me. He was obviously commenting on my jersey so I approached him to see how could I help the poor soul. Only when I came closer I noticed he is also wearing Chelsea shorts. That explains it, I though, no help.

Born in Montreal, Nick is Chelsea fan by chance (his uncle could have fallen in love with any other club while in England) but he likes Montreal Impact too. Football identities on this continent are complicated. He went to watch Impact game, live, only once, but ‘now that they are in MLS’ he plans to go more often.



  1. Well, not long ago, before 2002 I hated football and we fought with my brother about television. They were crazy about it, but I really didn’t care…until I went to Stamford Bridge and saw an amazing match right there in their own pitch. That’s when I fell in love with Chelsea FC.

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