Liverpool. Veba. De Maisonneuve/Marcil, Montreal 2011

Why Liverpool?

Anfield, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Kop… Stories. There was nothing like it, in football, when I was growing up. LFC won everything there was to win and many times over.”

Somehow it seems right to start the series with a self-portrait; me in a, now it seems ancient, Liverpool FC shirt. Long gone are Carlsberg and Reebok but the shirt always means only one thing.


4 thoughts on “LIVERPOOL, VEBA

  1. For me, the stadium of Anfiel Road is the most beautiful stadium of the world because of his warm public.
    The football club of Liverpool ties to his mythical history.
    Liverpool is the football club the most well-known in the United Kingdom.
    Among the famous football players of this football club, Steven Gerrard hold me attention.
    It’s the perfect midfield for me because he combines the strenght of character and the team spirit!

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