Andrew. Tottenham. "It's my team and I like the shirt."


Why Spurs? I asked. “It’s my team and I like the shirt.” I found the answer a bit odd since once you like the club you must love the shirt regardless of how ugly, or beautiful, it could be. But there was no opportunity to talk about Andrew’s motives a bit further. He, just like the rest of this Chicago crew shows up every Saturday … Continue reading TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR, ANDREW


Why Fener? I asked. “I was born in Turkey and I’m a huge Fenerbahçe fan.” Doran was 4 when his family moved to Canada. He lives in Toronto but visits Montreal often (of course, I was thinking, it’s more fun here). He told me all of this while his friends, tough-looking but surely good at heart, were standing around and checking me out. Fenerbahçe might be … Continue reading FENERBAHÇE, DORAN


Why Barca? I asked. “Actually I’m a Liverpool fan, but I collect jerseys.” It’s nice to see Barcelona shirt with, now retired, Unicef logo. Ben lives in Montreal but comes from London, England. No London club could steal his heart as he grew up with a healthy doze of John Barnes, Ian Rush and company from Liverpool. He has in his collection every England jersey he could get … Continue reading BARCELONA, BEN


Why Real? I asked. “I just like Ronaldo a lot.” Not the answer I was looking for. Matthew was not eager to be photographed and I was not eager to photograph yet another Galacticos fan. But facing my first rejection, and not ready for it, I worked a bit harder to convince him to participate. With his training jacket over the jersey Matthew reminded me … Continue reading REAL MADRID, MATTHEW