Real Madrid. Kianoosh. De Maisonneuve/Old Orchard, Montreal 2011

Why Real? I asked.

“That’s my team, man, even before Zidane started playing there.”

I met Kianoosh just around the block after I left my house, a perfect scenario, before I got lost in the city. Just like Tania, the other Real Madrid footballista, he really wanted to show how confident he is about the club he supports. He held the index finger upright on every single photo I took of him, which cuts my editing time significantly. I am not sure Kianoosh, a born Montrealer, will be as confident at the end of the coming season but his natural optimism, and his favourite team’ shirt, suit him really well.



  1. very cool site and blog. Nice to know a Canadian site got a heads-up on the Guardian Football web-site. Keep it up. C’mon the TFC and HMFC.

    Drew from Toronto

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