Manchester United. Corey. Saint-Denis/Émery, Montreal 2011

Why Man United? I asked.

“I studied in England and a local friend was a supporter so I got into it as well.”

Finally a day when I had time to purposely hit the streets in search for the people in their jerseys. It was a beautiful day, perfect for showing the colors of one’s favourite team. But they were nowhere to be found. More than two hours into my walk, as the frustration was building up, finally I met the first, and the only, footballist of the day. Corey is from San Diego and only visiting Montreal. While studying in England a friend worked on his footballing innocence and got him into the Manchester United colors. Can’t blame him really.



  1. A nice bunch, Liverpool fans. 🙂
    I’m surprised I haven’t met a Chelsea shirt yet. I’m sure it’ll happen soon. I was seeing them everywhere before I started this project…

  2. I have a Roma t-shirt that has the old wolf logo on it. I live in the Midwestern United States, and I can honestly say that nobody has ever known who or what the shirt stands for. haha

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