Everton. John. De Maisonneuve/Marcil, Montreal, 2011

Why Everton? I asked.

“I had no other option, I was born into it.”

John is a friend. He was born in Liverpool, a genuine fan, and couldn’t even speak properly when he was taken to the Everton ground for the first time. Ever since, he is a die-hard. Rarely I saw him dressed in something else but in one of many Everton shirts he owns. This one I actually like a lot; it’s a really nice away shirt from the last season. Even though I support Liverpool FC, I don’t dislike Everton as Liverpool-born Reds fans do, I assume. I am from elsewhere and the expected animosity for the rival team is simply not in me. Most of what I know about Everton I learned from John. His work brought him to Montreal, many years ago, and I hope he continues to walk his shirts around this town for many years more.


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