Manchester City. Sean. Guy/St. Catherine, Montreal, 2011

Why City? I asked.

“That is my name on the back of the shirt.”

I was watching Sean from the other side of the street as he was about to walk into McDonalds. Thankfully he changed his mind and started walking down St. Catherine. I ran across and caught him as he was crossing Guy. Sean Silva was born in Montreal. His parents come from India and Portugal. His favourite player is David Silva and he likes Manchester City because of their motivation and determination to go to the top right away. That is exactly why many others don’t like Manchester City. But David Silva is a great player, no one can deny. Sean also plays football, triple A (AAA) level. North Americans understand the code. To clarify for others, this means Sean is a very good player too.

Manchester City. Sean. Guy/St. Catherine, Montreal, 2011

3 thoughts on “MANCHESTER CITY, SEAN

  1. Hi
    You should make a post about Napoli football club too because this year it’s really a strong team…. and if u wanna know more contact me…. bye

  2. A very cool concept for a blog. On game days I would walk around with my Zidane’s jersey (RM). Always thought that I might be weird 🙂 but this blog reminds me that I am not the only one.

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