Barcelona. Tomislav. Hodovo village, Herzegovina, 2011

Why Barcelona? I asked.

“It’s my favourite team since I was a kid.”

Hodovo is a small village in Herzegovina, near the town of Stolac, not too far away from the city of Mostar which is about two hours drive from Sarajevo. My friend and I were in search of medieval cemeteries (another project) and had to return back from the desired destination since we faced the mine fields (Picture 1). Then, it is fair to say, in the landscape that is, by all accounts, in the middle of nowhere (Picture 2), by the road I saw a group of kids playing the beautiful game. On a brand new concrete surface (Picture 3), with nets, a tall fellow was wearing Barcelona shirt. I stopped the car, naturally. Our conversation didn’t go far but, regardless, I was very happy. There was something magical in seeing these kids running after the ball. Since this is a remote post in a rush, from far away, from Bosnia and Herzegovina (which will beat France tonight and qualify for the Euro), I include a few more pictures that give the idea (but not much more than the idea) of where all of this took place.

Mine fields (Picture 1)
Landscape (Picture 2)
Soccer field (Picture 3)

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