FOOTBALLISTS – First Six Months

The Footballists blog has been online for 6 months and I would love to thank all who visited, embraced it, commented, subscribed to it and promoted it elsewhere. In it’s first six months of existence there were more than 36 000 visits, a few more than 300 subscribers, numerous comments and emails of support. At one point we held the first place for a full week on Guardian‘s ‘our favourite things this week’ list, we’ve been featured on In Bed With Maradona, made the list on BCN Media Lab‘s post about best football blogs, featured on WordPress home page and mentioned on many other sites. The Footballists took the 2nd place on the 2011 Transatlantic Diablog Award, and Liverpool-based Spiel magazine (in print only) will feature an interview with me and some photographs from this blog in the coming issue.

All this response happened despite the slow activity on the blog in the last two months. The winter conditions do not make it easy to spot people wearing a soccer shirt on Montreal streets. But, soon they’ll reveal their colours and I’ll be there to meet them and present them to the viewers here.

Finally, the Footballists blog has its Facebook page. Please visit and make your mark.


5 thoughts on “FOOTBALLISTS – First Six Months

  1. Congratulations Vebahood on all the mentions and the 2nd place on our annual award. Looking forward to see what’s next on Footballists. The European Championships are upcoming, so… – the transatlantic diablog

  2. Congratulations on all of your success related to this blog! Hailing from Montreal as well, it’s inspiring to see that there are many other passionate football fans in this city!
    Keep your photographs coming, hopefully I’ll run into you one day 🙂

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