Arsenal. James. Guy/St. Catherine, Montreal, 2012

Why Arsenal? I asked.

“My father is a big Arsenal fan and that’s how it started.”

It was about time to meet my first Arsenal shirt. James was born in the New York City where his father, who is obviously responsible for his support to Arsenal, still lives. James visits NYC often where he hangs out in pubs that have a big Arsenal fan base, to watch games. We met at the lobby at Concordia university where he studies English literature and Film. Our short conversation reveals James as a through, knowledgeable fan. I sensed the respect for Arsène Wenger and his managing philosophy, the respect I share. Being a young man, I thought after, James has been supporting Wenger’s Arsenal whole of his teenage and adult life. How will it feel, for James and his generation of Arsenal fans, when the time comes for The Gunners to change the manager?


4 thoughts on “ARSENAL, JAMES

  1. It feels rare now to find someone else who still thinks Wenger is the best person to manage Arsenal. One of the prems all time greats.

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