Monterrey Rayados. Miriam. St. Catherine/Mackay, Montreal, 2012

Why Rayados? I asked.

“That’s my home team.”

Only seconds into our conversation I learned that her favourite team, Rayados de Monterrey, won their league match in Mexico the day before. Miriam is a true fan. Back in Monterrey she goes to the stadium and gives her team a proper support. She recently came to Montreal with intention to stay for six months and study English and French. And I am glad she did.

Today is the first anniversary of the Footballists blog. A huge thanks to all the followers, 1056 of them so far, who will receive the notification about this post.



  1. Fabrizio says:

    That team lost the most important game of the season

  2. Princeso says:

    She’s hot

  3. Carlos Aguirre says:

    Fans of that team are very popular in Mexico, they are known as “Amargos”

  4. Dagochkov says:

    your ass is “amargo”. that striped team was third place in the FIFA Club World Cup 2012, his people is cute and very nice. you are a troll!

  5. says:

    I love you Monterrey football club

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