Milan. Dan. Ft Washington Av/160 St, New York City, 2012

Why Milan? I asked.

“It’s the best club in the world.”

This was a very brief encounter since we both had a job to do. I was in the Armory building, a beautiful Track & Field Center in NYC. In the sea of blue shirts it was easy to spot Dan who resisted much longer than others to put the blue shirt over his jersey. I had no chance to challenge his claim.




4 Comments on “MILAN, DAN”

  1. fletot31 says:

    Your project has been part of my browsing routine for a few months now and I think it’s an incredibly refreshing manifestation of the enduring unifying power of sport, as well as being brilliantly and attractively executed. Awesome. YNWA.

  2. bentyler15 says:

    Cracking blog, been following it now for a good few months, if only you were in Dubai on Thursday, you would have caught me wearing that Milan shirt on my flight home!

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