Gremio. Otavio. St. Catherine/Aylmer, Montreal, 2013

Why Gremio? I asked.

“That’s my home team.”

Today I got to face my first rejection. It was from a young man wearing Arsenal shirt. We actually had a nice chat, talked about today’s news and Sir Alex Ferguson retiring, but he would not want me to photograph him. Some future Arsenal fans, that I’ll meet, better make it up for this guy. Refusing to participate in this project brings a bad, bad luck on your club. Don’t be surprised if Arsenal doesn’t qualify for the Champions League.

Rejected, I continued my walk and as I was passing by a footwear store, I spotted a guy in a jersey shopping inside. I waited on the curb and it took a while before Otavio, and a friend (girlfriend, wife, sister… I’ll never know since I never asked), came out of the store. Conversation was brief but he was happy to stand before the camera. They are visiting from Brazil, only a couple of days to spend in Montreal, and I’m happy I was there to meet them. Here I welcome the very first Brazilian club shirt on this blog.


One thought on “GREMIO, OTAVIO

  1. I am not surprised at the Gooner’s reaction to the camera. So many of then are fugitives, there is danger in cameras! LOL! This is a pretty cool one. I am glad you caught it. COYS!

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