Paris Saint-Germain. Nicolas. St. Catherine/McGill College, Montreal, 2013

Why PSG? I asked.

“That’s where I come from.”

What a thrill to run into a group of people, on a busy Montreal street, all wearing Paris Saint-Germain shirts as if they are going to the game to Parc des Princes. Only Parc des Princes is a few thousand kilometers away. Nicolas came to live in Montreal in 1995 but has never lost his sentiments for his team and the game. His jersey is signed by Pauleta, he told me while pointing at the signature.

Here I was standing in front of him, his son Noah and his cousin Olivier (close-up of him in the the next post) who just came to visit from France. As I was taking photos of them (in my Liverpool jersey), on a busiest street in the city, I was aware of all the strange looks from the crowd. We are strange, I though, we deserve it.

Paris Saint-Germain. Nicolas, Noah & Olivier. St. Catherine/McGill, Montreal, 2013


  1. What a wonderful jersey (the Pauleta one)! So simple, so well-balanced and demure. I’m no PSG fan, but I can call a beautiful kit when I see it. I envy you the football culture up there, here in New Orleans all I see are Man United shirts, and most of their wearers don’t even know anything about the club. : (

    Keep up the good work!

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