Lil June 9, 2013
Thai Port. Lillian. Studio at Nana, 2013

Why Thai Port? I asked.

“Well, the stadium is only five minutes from where I live. That’s how all started.”

The rest is a long and ongoing story. On her twitter profile (worth following for some thoughtful and funny observation about football and Thai society) otherwise very cool Lillian describes herself as “Artist/Photographer. Dirty Liberal Feminist. Apathetic Gooner. KlongtoeyArmy Conscript”. There @TheLilyfish mentions two football clubs that play a big part in her life – Arsenal and Thai Port (Klong Toey army are their supporters). While following Arsenal is reduced to late night/early morning matches on TV (she use to live in the UK and was regular at stadiums), the passion for Thai Port takes her, together with a weird mix of tough boys from the notorious Klong Toey slum and local expats, on a colorful journey through the amazing Thailand and its even more amazing football league.

Unfortunately, the Port was relegated last year (“it must be some sort of a plot against us”) and they now play in the second division against clubs strong as an ambitious junior German amateur team, but their supporters are united as ever. From their home games in the slum (great stadium, thought) to away games played on rice fields across the country – the Klong Toey army is there. Week in and out Lillian is with them. “It is not like some other club with lots of sponsors but no soul. This is different”.

I photographed Lillian in her studio where she is usually behind the camera taking portraits of people for her fascinating photo project “I’m Bangkok”. She didn’t need to pose much nor I needed to edit my pictures – Lillian wears this jersey so naturally that every shot looked perfect.


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