Manchester United. Jonathan. Queen-Mary / Coolbroke, Montreal, 2013

Why Man United? I asked.

“Because I’m half Japanese and the best Japanese player Shinji Kagawa plays for Man United.”

When I spotted Jonathan walking down the street I debated if I should approach him since he is not wearing a jersey. But there was something about him so I couldn’t let him pass by. Jonathan was born in Montreal after his father came from Japan and settled here. His answer mirrors that of many Bosnians who support Manchester City only because Edin Džeko plays there. And I wonder what happens when Džeko, or Kagawa, finally change the club. I’m not sure I care to know.



  1. Dear Jonathan, I think you are wrong about Bosnians who support Manchester City only because Edin Dzeko plays there.
    Some of them who live in a poor area identify with their idol.
    For them, it’s the only way out because they dream every day to have the same life than Dzeko. So, it’s not a matter of football players.

  2. Spot on with your observation, mate. I have often wondered about football allegiances across the world, specifically in relation to the English and European clubs. I have often wondered about my own loyalty to Manchester United. For me, it started in a family sitting room, many years ago, watching the epic 1977 FA Cup between United and Liverpool.

    Oh, if you are curious, you are welcome to read how my epic journey began. I posted it on my blog, it’s called The Greatest Game, I’ve also serialised it, you are pressed for time.

    I must say, I enjoyed the recent Merseyside derby. What a cracker!

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