Real Madrid. Zain. Guy/De Maisonneuve, Montreal, 2013

Why Real? I asked.

“I like Ronaldo.”

More and more young people I meet wear a jersey because of a player and not the team. It must be good for economy – if not for football – since today’s stars change teams easily and fans follow them. Zain came to Montreal only two months ago from Karachi, Pakistan. A smart young man, he is a graduate student working on his masters in industrial engineering. I can’t wait for the winter, he told me. Well, good luck Zain. Winter is coming, and it’s going to be as white, and as cold, as that jersey you wear.


6 thoughts on “REAL MADRID, ZAIN

  1. I am with you. I like a lot of different soccer players however I have only one favourite team: Eintracht Frankfurt. When I am representing I wear one of my Frankfurt jerseys but sometimes when I am just playing a bit of soccer with friends I’ll grab some other jerseys such as a Kevin-Prince Boateng AC Milan Jersey or a Poland National Team Jersey of Lukasz Piszczek…There lots of good players out there but in my heart there is only place for Eintracht Frankfurt. Great Blog – Keep it going!

  2. Great shot! And cool background story…although I’m not as ready for winter as he is. I’m from Minnesota, and I’d definitely like to keep summer around a bit longer! 😉 Love your blog!

  3. This blog is very original but there is a problem, I don’t see any Athletic Bilbao T-shirt?
    I will follow the blog and I am waiting for it hahahaha

  4. Which Ronaldo do you prefer, Zain?
    Ronaldo, the Brazilian football player who he retired one year ago or Cristiano Ronaldo, the present football player of Real Madrid.
    Personally,I like both because they are two incredible football players.
    They are so talented and they like doing to fear of the adversary!
    It pleased me no end to watch them on the television every evening. x)

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