Liverpool. John. Monkland/Old Orchard, Montreal, 2013

Why Liverpool? I asked.

“Born red, always red.”

John was born in Liverpool so I inquired further: Why not Everton, why Liverpool? His father was a Liverpool fan and one of John’s earlier memories is of the 1971 FA Cup final between Liverpool and Arsenal at Wembley which his father attended. Liverpool lost the game but John became a fan. In all of his family only one of his grandfathers was an Everton fan.

We met this morning in a local pub to watch Liverpool beat Man United to maintain the perfect start of the season. Obviously we were very happy but these pictures were taken at halftime while uncertainty was still very well alive. John was in a good company. His son Sacha is a talented player scoring goals all over the island of Montreal. Of course Sacha is, just like his father and his grandfather before him, a devoted Liverpool fan.

Liverpool. John and Sacha. Monkland/Old Orchard, Montreal, 2013

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