July 10, 2013 Yangon 2 small
Manchester City. Naing Lin Tun. Yangon river, Myanmar. 2013

Why Manchester City? I asked.

“Mancini! Because of him.”

Wait a second! Did he really say Mancini, Roberto Mancini? Will someone, please, stop this ferry – I’m afraid otherwise very smart and beautiful boy is not feeling well and he might need some assistance.

I asked again, he said “because of Mancini” again. I know, Myanmar is just waking up from decades of isolation and can be strange but I really did not expect such an answer, here or elsewhere. I needed to talk to Niang Lin Tun for a little bit longer, to see is there anything that can be done with his taste. It turns out that he also likes Manchester United and Chelsea. The young chap wearing a beautiful fake light blue jersey is obviously confused; you cannot cheer for Man City and Man United at the same time.

Or perhaps you can. If you are sixteen, surviving in today’s Yangon selling cigarettes and chewing gums to passengers on a public ferry, divisions and rules of outside world don’t necessary apply to you. Why not liking it all – the game, its clubs and their shirts?! But, Mancini – that I don’t understand!

July 10, 2013 Yangon small
Cigarettes, chewing gums and football. On the ferry, Yangon. 2013


  1. I love these entries from the Far East … they really hit home how small the world is and how arbitrary our differences.

  2. The isolation of Myanmar is reflected in his fandom. A 16-year-old certainly isolates himself from others when becoming a fan of both Manchester clubs. And Chelsea? Forget about it.

  3. Roberto Mancini is a good trainer for me.
    He has a lot of experience in the job.
    He put right the team that has gone down into the English second division.
    Then, the following year, he helped Manchester City out.
    Because Manchester City came back in the Premier League.
    Well done Mancini! ❤

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