Milan. Zack. Saint Mathieu/De Maisonneuve, Montreal, 2013

Why Milan? I asked.

“I like Milan and Barcelona. Because of Ronaldinho.”

Zack was rushing down the street in a company of a young woman when I approached him. Even though in a rush, he was kind to stop for a picture. Ho got his shirt on sale, he said. He is from Montreal and currently studies at the Université de Montréal. And now that the school started he ‘doesn’t have much time to follow soccer.”



One thought on “MILAN, ZACK

  1. Ronaldinho is the best midfield player that I have never seen.
    He’s an artist above all.
    All her career he dribbles past a lof of football players.
    I have good memories of him at the time at World Cup in 2002.
    I loved especially his freekick outside penalty area against England.
    A kick that it goes in the skylight of the english goalkeeper.
    It’s enough to drive you mad !!!!
    Frankly, Ronaldinho is the best football player at that time.

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