Liverpool. Smadar. Monkland/Old Orchard, Montreal, 2013

Why Liverpool? I asked.

“Because I started dating Lev.”

Smadar fell in love with Liverpool through her love for Lev. The amount of love in this post surely beats all the predecessors so I’ll leave it at that.



5 Comments on “LIVERPOOL, SMADAR”

  1. deepu1786 says:

    Haha…thats short n sweet…..

  2. Katie says:

    I love this. I started dating an Arsenal fan and he recently bought me my very first jersey. I still feel like a poser when I wear it, but I’m falling in love with the team as I continue to fall in love with him.

  3. […] Bar which is home to Liverpool’s Supporters Club in New York. There I met Tanya. She is not the first person on this blog who fell in love with a club through their love for another person. With the amount of love in […]

  4. Danyon says:

    That’s a subtle way of thkining about it.

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