Why Liverpool? I asked. “I had a hefty dose of John Barnes as I was growing up in England.” Only after I started talking to, and taking pictures of, Ben I realized we had met before. Only, at that time, he was wearing Barcelona shirt. These are his true colours though. He was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in London, England and studies at the … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, BEN


Why Liverpool? I asked. “For love man, for love… McManaman, Fowler, Steve G, I grew up watching them play.” Josh came to Montreal to study photography. Even though from London, England, where he could easily fall for one of many, big and small, clubs, he fell in love with The Reds from Liverpool. And how could you not love Fowler (though rumours are there are … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, JOSHUA


Why Liverpool? I asked, even though I knew the answer. “Keegan, Toshack… I was a kid. Do I need to say more?” This is my second and last post from the road, from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sanjin, a football encyclopedia disguised into a man, must be the biggest Liverpool fan outside of Liverpool, and the most knowledgable when it comes to the Reds. Together, this Saturday, we … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, SANJIN


Why Liverpool? “Anfield, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Kop… Stories. There was nothing like it, in football, when I was growing up. LFC won everything there was to win and many times over.” Somehow it seems right to start the series with a self-portrait; me in a, now it seems ancient, Liverpool FC shirt. Long gone are Carlsberg and Reebok but the shirt always means only … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, VEBA