Why Liverpool? I asked. “When I realized that Yossi Benayoun plays for Liverpool I became a fan. You know, I’m Jewish.” Lev’s answer further complicates what’s already complicated; he provided yet another reason, first of this kind on this site, to fall for a club. We met in a pub one early Sunday morning and shared the experience of watching, on TV, Liverpool beat Man … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, LEV


Why Liverpool? I asked. “Born red, always red.” John was born in Liverpool so I inquired further: Why not Everton, why Liverpool? His father was a Liverpool fan and one of John’s earlier memories is of the 1971 FA Cup final between Liverpool and Arsenal at Wembley which his father attended. Liverpool lost the game but John became a fan. In all of his family only … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, JOHN


Why Liverpool? I asked, even though I knew the answer. “Keegan, Toshack… I was a kid. Do I need to say more?” This is my second and last post from the road, from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sanjin, a football encyclopedia disguised into a man, must be the biggest Liverpool fan outside of Liverpool, and the most knowledgable when it comes to the Reds. Together, this Saturday, we … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, SANJIN


Why Liverpool? “Anfield, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Kop… Stories. There was nothing like it, in football, when I was growing up. LFC won everything there was to win and many times over.” Somehow it seems right to start the series with a self-portrait; me in a, now it seems ancient, Liverpool FC shirt. Long gone are Carlsberg and Reebok but the shirt always means only … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, VEBA