Monterrey Rayados. Miriam. St. Catherine/Mackay, Montreal, 2012

Why Rayados? I asked.

“That’s my home team.”

Only seconds into our conversation I learned that her favourite team, Rayados de Monterrey, won their league match in Mexico the day before. Miriam is a true fan. Back in Monterrey she goes to the stadium and gives her team a proper support. She recently came to Montreal with intention to stay for six months and study English and French. And I am glad she did.

Today is the first anniversary of the Footballists blog. A huge thanks to all the followers, 1056 of them so far, who will receive the notification about this post.


  1. your ass is “amargo”. that striped team was third place in the FIFA Club World Cup 2012, his people is cute and very nice. you are a troll!

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